Spotlight on Local Business ~ Thursday

Today’s business spotlight on: Elle Dee Studio by Lauren Dunn

Who are they: Elle Dee Studio is owned by Lauren Dunn and is located in Spring Hill, Tn.

Here’s what Lauren had to say about her creations: “I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Delta State University and went on to teach art for several years before marrying my wonderfully supportive husband and moving to Nashville. My husband, Nathan, and I make a great team. We work out of our garage in Spring Hill. He builds ’em, I paint ’em. I’m very thankful that he has taken such an interest in my business. If it wasn’t for his support (and craftsmanship), I couldn’t do it….I’d be too overwhelmed. It has been such a rewarding process to watch our business grow and continue to grow. I look forward to seeing where God takes us!”

What do they sell: Handmade distressed wooden frames that add personality to any family photo. They also offer Original Paintings. You can check the paintings out also on the website, Facebook, or email Lauren for a commissioned piece.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lauren’s frames 🙂 Every one is so unique and really beautiful…here are some of my favorites:





Lauren also does amazing paintings and will do custom pieces upon request. Check out some of her paintings:










What sets them apart: Whether it is a frame or a painting, Lauren takes pride in her work and will go the extra mile to make sure that it turns out perfectly 🙂 Each and every piece is a unique hand-made treasure. They also do custom work…so if you have a really odd-shaped picture and you can’t find a frame…Lauren’s your gal 🙂 She will custom make you a frame in any size and color.

Why Faithful & Frugal loves EDS: I love Elle Dee Studio because first of all, Lauren is about the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She loves what she does and that shows in her art. Secondly, have you seen the frames? The ones I posted above! I mean, what’s not to LOVE? Thirdly, the paintings…they are so gorgeous! I can’t really even pick a favorite because I love them ALL!

How do I find them: To view more of Lauren’s work be sure to check out her website at

To place an order please visit the Etsy shop HERE, contact Lauren at OR check out her Facebook page for more info and pictures. You can find Lauren Dunn Designs on Facebook HERE

You can also find Elle Dee Studio at several of the street festivals, be sure and check out the website tab “shows” for all the dates, but don’t miss them at the Franklin Main Street Festival April 30 and May 1.


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