Using the NEW F&F “Career Help Center”

We know that job loss has effected so many people in today’s society (including us) that we feel strongly about trying to help people who may be in that situation. That’s why we have added the NEW Career Help Center to the Faithful & Frugal website. Please feel free to look at a few of the links that we have posted on the Career Help Center.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about something that we feel is very important, especially during these trying times. When job loss happens, a person can go through so many different emotions. In many ways, it can be like a death in the family. A lot of times, I can see where the job is centered around that family much like a child with ball games or school programs. A job can become someone’s identity or make up who that person is. Can I just take a moment and be blunt with you…that JOB is not who YOU are! I want you to know that just because that job has ended, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of you. That job may have helped develop you into the person that you are but you can stand alone without it. That job may have gotten you to where you are today but that same job has also helped get you to where you are going tomorrow. That job has laid the foundation for God to open doors and to build your future.

I have a few recommendations to share from time to time, so over the next few weeks you will see me post my thoughts on finding a new job. My goal is that it may help you in your job hunting quest. Let’s start with step #1…If you are new to the job market and it has been some time since you have updated your resume, NOW IS THE TIME. Resumes are looked at a little differently today than they were years back, I can say that speaking from both sides of the hiring desk. I would highly recommend if you have any friends that you know have landed a job in the past year, ask to see a copy of their resume. Use it as a guide to help you in the development of your resume. The resume is something to show the employer your accomplishments not just your job duties. It needs to be something that will catch the eye of your potential employer. Think of the job market and how many people are out there putting in for the same job. What are some things that will separate you from the rest of the pack. The resume is kind of like the intro to you. It needs to be enticing enough that it will make someone think “I have to know more about this person”.

I hope this has helped you in the way you approach your resume and how to present it to your future employer. It WILL happen. It may take some time, just be patient. The right job is coming!




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