Why it PAYS to enter contests :-) The TV is finally HERE!!!!

People always ask me…”is it really worth it to enter contests?”…well, my answer is YES! You never know when your name might be the one drawn and you could win a huge prize 🙂 Let me show you…

Today was a big day of excitement at our house…a couple months ago, my husband got a voicemail from an Anheuser Busch affiliate saying that he had won a prize in a contest that he had entered. He had to call them back and verify some information. (Now, let me insert here that YES we made sure the company we were calling back was legit and we knew that he had actually registered for the contest that they were referring to…so be certain of that BEFORE you give any info to anyone!).
You see…months prior to this phone call as I was doing one of my shops in Kroger Marketplace…my husband who was following me around with a calculator…saw a display for Bud Light beer…it was the Bud Bowl Sweepstakes and it said text to win! Well, he did…and to be honest at the time, The conversation went a little like this…ME: Oh for gosh sakes babe, we don’t even drink beer…why in the world did you just enter THAT contest? ~ BIGDADDY: Who cares if it’s for beer, I ain’t winning the beer, chick! The grand prize is a TV…a flat screen TV…so when I win it…don’t be hatin‘!”…a few chuckles and a possibly a few eye rolls were exchanged 😛 and on we went with our shopping. Over the next few months, Bigdaddy would casually say “when I get my TV, I’m gonna put it right here” or “This surround sound is gonna be awesome when I get my new TV”…honestly, I never thought another thing about that night…I just figured he was day dreaming, heehee…until that call came in, that is…
Initially, we thought he had won a small prize, all I could think was “great…we just won a case of Bud Light”…LOL…but after talking with them…he learned that he had been drawn for one of the grand prizes 🙂 A 46” Sharp Aquos TV, a $1599.00 value!!!!
So picture it…Cicily, 1947…Oh wait, that’s the wrong story…errr….Okay, so I was at my computer in the den, he was on the phone in the bedroom…outta the bedroom he ran…screaming and shouting and doing the “favor dust dance”, oh my word it was a sight…I saw moves that day that I didn’t even know existed in his repertoire…he was shouting things like “what now, mama?” “who’s your daddy?” “woot woot” “Yeah BABY” “hate to say I told ya so, but I told ya” “don’t be hatin‘ on me” “what up now, chick” “woooooooo!!!” “daddy got a big screen, oh yeah!”…followed by a few more loud woohoo’s and an “Oh, I’m sorry…what was that you said about entering a beer contest?”…and then a “how do like me now?” all while dancing and jumping up and down. Now, if you know my husband…you know this was all said in fun and said with lots of sarcasm…BUT it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life!!! Seriously.
After he calmed down and I stopped laughing hysterically and wiped the tears from my face…I said “hey, do me a favor…could you go back in bedroom, let me grab the video camera and then you come back out and do that whole dance again, okay?” I really wanted that on video, plus I thought the world just needed to see it too! LOL “No go”, he says…”that was total improv and I can’t do that again” 😦 Such a party pooper…Oh well!
Anyway…We were sent some paperwork by express mail and given 2 days to get that notarized and sent back. Then the waiting began…6-8 weeks to get the TV…but when the flood came it extended that time to more like 10 weeks…but, hey who’s counting? Uh huh…we were, LOL!

So the day finally came and yesterday Bigdaddy met the good peeps of Budweiser and Kroger and got his picture taken for the paper…then he got his TV!

As you can imagine…it only took about 5 minutes once he got home to get that puppy outta the car and the setup process began. There’s just something funny about a man and his TV 🙂 Needless to say Bigdaddy is one happy camper, right about now!!! The kids were pretty excited too! So I said all of that to say this…You never know what thing the Lord may use to bless you and your faithfulness in being a good steward. So enter those contests, no mater how silly they may seem…you may be the next big winner 🙂

Okay…gotta run! I’m off to see if I can find a diamond ring contest for Bigdaddy to enter…Mama needs some new blinghahahahahaha


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One response to “Why it PAYS to enter contests :-) The TV is finally HERE!!!!

  1. I totally agree … last year I won a 55" Vizio HD TV from a Superbowl ad, and a next gen iPod Nano from a news paper contest! I love entering contests!

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