Backtracking…Shopping trips to finish up April :-)

Oy Vey!!! Have you ever been in a season of life where you have so much going on that you feel like you just can’t squeeze in one more thing? Well, that’s where I am at right now…it’s been crazy busy around here…it’s so bad that my “day planner” aka the calendar asked me for a vacation LOL…Not that I’m complaining, mind you…there are lots of wonderful and fun, exciting things happening right now, but then you throw in an upexpected flood and a growing cake business and church/family stuff too and whew wee you get lots to juggle 🙂 Bottom line, the blog has been sorta low on the priority list lately…I’ve been really trying to keep up with the Facebook page as often as I can but that means I am so far behind on posting my shops! In fact, these are so behind that I almost did not post them at all. But I decided to post anyway so that you could at least see them. Soooo, these 4 shops finished up April for me…

Harris Teeter TRIPLES: Spent $8.91 (includes $2.41 tax) ~ SAVED $80.18

I can’t remember the match ups on this…so I’ll just tell you what I got instead, this was 2 seperate trips 🙂

2 – Mission tortillas
3 – Betty Crocker warm delights
2 – Coffee Mate creamers
2 – Palmolive liquid
2 – Jello pudding
4 – Tabasco sauce
2 – Starbucks ice cream
3 – Viva paper towels
3 – Wheatables nut crisps
2 – Duncan Hines muffin mix
3 – Dan Active

*side note = that does not look like $90 worth of stuff of to me! I did the math though just to check and based on what the items rang up for before coupons and sales…it really was!!! Harris Teeter is way overpriced…BUT on super doubles and triples…you get great deals!

Publix: Spent $4.78 (includes $0.78 tax) ~ SAVED $12.72
6 Fruit Chillers = $0.67 each

Kroger: Spent $6.60 (includes $1.63 tax)~ SAVED $21.74
4 – Cousin Willies white cheddar popcorn, no coups = $1.00 each
1 -Palmolive liquid $1.00 – $0.70/1 MQ = $0.30
1 – Prevacid $10.99 – $6.00 MQ + $6.00 Ecoup = $FREE+
2 – Grill Mates marinades $1.00 – $0.50/1 MQ = $FREE
1 – Reese’s Cups Giant (not pictured) $1.00 – $1.00 ecoup = $FREE
1 – Strawberries $1.68 (not pictured) no coups = $1.68
Kroger: Spent $8.00 (includes $.80 tax) ~ SAVED $9.28
4 – Purex Liquid Detergent $2.50 each – $0.35/1 MQ = $1.80 each

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