Coupon Preview ~ Sunday 3/21/10

This Sunday 3/21/10, you can expect 2 inserts in your Sunday paper:

1 SmartSource
1 RedPlum

BONUS Inserts ~ Publix One Stop, One Store ($61 in q’s) & Hasbro Play Saver ($130 in q’s)

Also…remember that there may be regional variations, so the larger the paper distribution the better chance of getting all the inserts πŸ™‚ So pick up the paper with your area’s largest distribution (I buy the Tennessean) as papers with lower distribution do not contain as many coupons.

Publix in Spring Hill has the Sunday paper for $1.19 each. Also some CVS are running the paper for $1.00 and the Dollar Tree always has the Sunday paper for $1.00 πŸ™‚ Be sure to check around for the best paper price this week!

Happy Shopping!!!



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2 responses to “Coupon Preview ~ Sunday 3/21/10

  1. I have a question on inserts…I just opened my paper that I purchased at the Dollar Tree in Spring Hill. I have 1 Smartsource and 1 insert. Thinking I was going to get more, I actually bought 2 papers. The second paper was the same way. I've had this happen a couple of times, not just at Dollar Tree. Where should I purchase my papers so that I get the most inserts? I like buying at the Dollar Tree, but hate that I missed Redplum and the Publix insert. Thanks and have a great one.

  2. Hey there…I'm not sure that there is a good place to buy the papers…I have had this happen too sometimes, but I always check the papers before I leave the parking lot and if something is missing I take them right back in with my receipt and tell them I need to exchange them because the inserts were missing. Best advice…check them before you leave the store πŸ™‚

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