Business Spotlight ~ Thursday

Today’s business spotlight is on Hummingaway’s Glass & Stuff
Who are they: Carol is the owner of Hummingaway’s Glass & Stuff located in the Spring Hill/Thompson’s Station area. Carol is a craft diva…she creates amazing one of a kind pieces of art and each one of Carol’s creations are handcrafted. Carol’s daughter, Sarah is an art student at Nossi College of Art and often helps with the drawing and artwork.
What do they sell: Hummingaway’s sells handcrafted stained glass artwork, rag quilts and retro record bowls. Every item they create is custom designed and handcrafted.
Take a look:
Retro Record Bowls & Clocks
Handcrafted Rag Quilts
Custom Designed Stained Glass
What sets them apart: Carol custom creates pieces by taking your ideas, the things that you love and turning them into amazing stained glass artwork. Every piece is unique and a one of a kind creation. Carol takes stain glass to a new level in that she makes pieces for both men and women.
For the Sports Fanatics
For the Outdoor Enthusiasts
For the Ladies
Why Faithful & Frugal loves HG&S: Carol is a longtime friend of mine…in fact we consider her family 🙂 She is also a F&F alum. She is amazing at what she does and will work with you to create a piece that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it. Carol pours her heart into every piece that she creates and that comes through in her work!
How do I find them: You can contact Carol by email at or by calling 931-626-6454. During craft show season you can also find them at the local shows.

What’s the deal: Carol is offering a reader discount of 5% off any NEW order. Just mention that you found Hummingaway’s on the Faithful & Frugal blog and receive 5% off your first order. (New customers only)


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