Business Spotlight ~ Monday

Today’s business spotlight is on Custom Banner Creations

Who are they: Custom Banner Creation is owned by Shanna Brawner…CBC has designed and created banners and layouts for both personal and professional blogs, journals, social networking sites, and websites for over 3 years. They will work with you, so that you’re completely satisfied!
What do they sell:

*Banners for Etsy, Blogger, Myspace, and websites
*Layouts and Backgrounds for Blogger and Myspace
*CBCvites (Digital Email Invitations)

What sets them apart: CBC specializes in “Floating” banners and backgrounds which is a style that goes beyond the standard rectangle shape and contains floating images instead of one standard image.

Why Faithful & Frugal loves CBC: Shanna’s work is outstanding…ever project is customed designed with you in mind. Shanna has created banners for me personally on both this blog and my business website and I could not be more thrilled with her work. Just take a look at the Faithful & Frugal banner above to see an example of CBC’s work. The CBCvites are awesome…they are digital email invitations that save you time and look amazing! Whether you are looking to simply add a banner to your personal blog or jazz up your professional website, you need look no farther than CBC!

How do I find them: You can visit CBC’s website at:
You can also email Shanna at

What’s the deal: Mention that you heard about CBC on Faithful & Frugal and get 20% off the price of a banner, background, or banner/background package.



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