Target ~ My meat deals for 11/20/09

I was super blessed to be able to catch a great meat markdown at Target on Thursday & Friday…we needed meat, so this was perfect timing…Isn’t God cool like that?
I stocked up on some chicken and beef. While I was there I meet a great gal that I had only communicated with via email…Rachel it was great meeting you and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your coupon organizer 😉 so chic! I also ran into several F&F peeps too and I met a super sweet lady who teaching canning, woohoo! It was a great outing 🙂

Here’s what I got:
(sorry no picture, as I was in a hurry and needed to get everything repacked for the freezer)

Spent $27.51 SAVED $76.25 (includes tax)
2 packs of chicken legs (10 piece) $2.50 each – $1.50 coupon on meat = $1.00 each
8 packs of all natural boneless/skinless chicken breasts (1.25lbs package) = $1.50 each
10 packs of Laura’s Lean ground beef (1lb pack) $1.00 = $1.00 each
1 pack beef stew meat (2lb pack) $2.35 = $2.35
3 jars Heinz gravy $0.79 each – $1.00/3 MQ coupon = $0.46 each
1 bunch green onions markdown $0.89 = $0.89

Tune in later to see what I did with the chicken legs 🙂

**P.S. A big THANKS to whomever left the gravy coupon on top of the gravy jars (it was expiring that day)! If your reading this…you rock! That was a really nice surprise 🙂


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