Publix trip ~ 11/8/09 SAVED 95%!!! Spent $2.58 ~ SAVED $46.02

Ran into Publix today for milk and the penny item…before tax my total was $0.28! Great trip!!! I LOVE Publix!!!

Here’s what I got:

Spent $2.58 ~ SAVED $46.02 (inlcudes $2.30 tax)
1 ~ gallon Publix Milk ~ $2.59 ~ no coups
2 ~ Aunt Jemima pancakes ~ $2.69 BOGO ~ used $1.00 MQ/1 printable = $0.35 each
2 ~ Scotch packing tape ~ $3.19 BOGO ~ used $1.00 MQ/1 printable = $0.60 each
6 ~ Nestle toll house filled cookies ~ $2.89 BOGO ~ used $1.00 MQ/1 peelie = $0.45 each
1 ~ Special K blueberry cereal ~ $3.89 BOGO ($1.95 for 1)~ used $1.00 MQ/1 printable & $1.00/1 Target = $FREE+
2 ~ Zantac 8ct. ~ $4.59 ~ used $5.00/1 printable MQ & $3.00/1 Publix Q = $FREE+
1 ~ Publix Oats ~ penny item



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4 responses to “Publix trip ~ 11/8/09 SAVED 95%!!! Spent $2.58 ~ SAVED $46.02

  1. Hi, I'm confused…on the products that you didn't have a coupon for were those covered by the extra coupons you had on the other products? I think that is what I am seeing. Is it normal practice for all grocery stores to apply the remainder of the unused amount to the total bill? Thanks for the help.

  2. Hi there…Yes, that is correct πŸ™‚ Some stores allow overages…my Publix allows it but there are limits. It all depends on your store's coupon policy…for instance, Target normally adjusts the coupons down to the item price…but most stores allow it on Manf. coupons since they are being reimbursed by the manufacturer for the full coupon amount.Hope that helps

  3. Will the Spring Hill Publix allow you to use more than one of their Publix store coupons in one transactions? Like the Zantac. Can I buy two?Thanks.

  4. Hi Jayna…Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ Yes, you can use more than one Publix coupon at the SH Publix in one transaction πŸ™‚ You should have no problem buying 2 of them.Hope that helps…

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