Kroger TRIPLES trip ~ 11/7/09 Spent $8.39 ~ SAVED $48.84

I headed out to Kroger this morning with the kids and the parents in tow…I wanted to pick up a few things that I still wanted and help grab a few things for my parents. When I got there I saw that Cousin Willie’s White Cheddar popcorn was on sale 10/$10…yikes, not good people! Anyone that knows me, knows that I am addicted to that stuff…it’s the one thing that I crave, want, need…and I can normally keep from buying it because it is around $2 a box (which is way above my buy price for popcorn)…well, anytime it goes 10/$10 I am pretty much in trouble 🙂 So I picked up 4 boxes today…you would have thought I won the lottery…heehee!

I didn’t notice until after I was in the car checking the receipt that the popcorn had rang up at $1.25/box…so I went back in to customer service and they refund the difference PLUS gave me one box free…Kroger’s policy is that if it is priced wrong you get one free..woohoo! I felt better about splurging after I got that $2.16 back 😉

So here’s what I got today:

Spent $8.39 ~ SAVED $48.84 (includes $1.59 tax)

4 ~ Cousin Willie’s popcorn
2 ~ Betty Crocker boxed potatoes (mega event)
2 ~ Pillsbury Simple cookies (mega event)
4 ~ Pep.Farms garlic bread (mega event)
2 ~ Playtex gloves (mega event)
1 ~ Coffee Mate creamer
2 ~ Dixie plates
2 ~ Dixie bowls
1 ~ Bob Evans sausage

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