ATTN: Spring Hill Publix Coupon Policy Change!!!

If you are local to Spring Hill…then this applies to you:

I wanted to update everyone on something I learned today during my shop. I will be contacting the store manager once he returns from his vacation (I’m not bothering him during his well needed break 🙂 I will update once I talk with him directly!!! BUT until then, this is what I was told today:

1) As of yesterday 9/15/09, the corporate “big wig” that came to the SH store has stopped the use of multiple Food Lion/Target competitor’s coupons for the same item. What that means is you can now only use ONE Food Lion/Target coupon per like item per customer per day! You can not do separate transactions on the same day…it will be enforced at one coupon per customer per day only!

So…let’s say, in the case of the trail mix…you could buy 1 bag and use 1 FL q…per day. You could buy another item on the same transaction…let’s say tide and use 1 FL q on it per day! Make sense? So you can use more than one FL q as long as it for a different item.

WHY the sudden change, you ask? Well…seems the lady who tried to buy 90 trail mix was not alone…oh, no…someone else tried to buy 64 in one transaction!!! Ey yi yi!!!
So bottom line…it only took a few sour grapes to spoil the whole bunch 😦

2) Publix will be enforcing a NEW policy effective 9/15/09 that will limit the number of items you can buy for Sale and BOGO items.

Anything that states in the ad “Quantity Rights Reserved” is now limited as to how many you can buy.
BOGO is limited to 3 deals or 6 Sale items. (This number may change once I can actually talk with Mr. Jones, but this is what I was told today)

WHY the change here, you ask? Great question…well…simply because some shoppers are going into the SH store and clearing the shelves of certain deals…like 20-30 of one item at a time. SO the store has no choice but to limit the quantities that we can get to allow a fair chance for all shoppers. They can not accurately predict sales trends if one person wipes them out of something and the rest of us have to get rain checks. Please remember ladies, this is not what I teach! We do not promote hoarding, this is meant to be a blessing to your family and those around you!
On a personal note: As frustrated as I am that I lost some of my deals today…I am even more aggravated at the lady or ladies, who shall from here on out be referred to as “the trail mix hussies”, because you my dears have made me one grouchy couponer today 😦 And in the words of my blogger friend The Krazy Coupon Lady…pick another checkout lane, honey…’cause I don’t want you in mine………please and thank you…there, I was nice about it 🙂
Now let us pray…
Dear God, please forgive the “trail mix hussies” today for they know not what they have done. Please bless them Lord and gently remind them that they can’t take the trail mix with them when they go to meet you (which might be sooner than later 😉 and please help them to remember to play nice from now on 🙂 AMEN


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15 responses to “ATTN: Spring Hill Publix Coupon Policy Change!!!

  1. 90 bags? Really?I think it is time for an altar call. She would feel so much better after confessing…

  2. Man, that's a huge bummer! I get it though. I can only begin to imagine what someone would do with all that trail mix. The only thing I can think of other than hoarding is that our food banks need to be stocked regularly and someone didn't understand how the store loses money when we use comp coups. What a shame. This will put a cramp in my style, but we'll try to work with it.-Andrea

  3. ahh man…that IS so frustrating but i am laughing so hard at your comments i am crying…

  4. Oh booooo!!! I hate that. Thank you for the information and please keep us informed of Mr. Jones comments.

  5. Wow, people stink! However your blog made me laugh soooo hard, much much needed!

  6. Yeah, the trail mix people are pretty lame! You are lucky your store still lets you use the Target coupons. All the local stores here in Tuscaloosa, AL, won't accept them because they say Target isn't a competitor. I say if I can go buy the exact same groceries at the store, then it's a competitor. But, sadly, I don't get to make the rules.

  7. unbelievable!Of course, this hurts people who aren't even couponing! When spaghetti sauce and other pantry staples go on sale BOGOF, I usually buy about 10 to keep me till the next sale.

  8. And here I was feeling guilty about buying 4 bags in one trip!! I'll keep those trail mix hussies in my prayers too, bless their hearts!

  9. Why didn't the cashiere's read the coupons and make them abide by the rule on the coupon? My Publix will not allow Target at all and they will not allow multiple FL coupons. What in the heck will those "Trail Mix Hussies" do with all that trail mix? Lets hope they are giving it to the homeless or some shelters! =) Thanks so much for the info!!

  10. Misty ~ Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Yes we are very fortunate that Target coupons are allowed as competitor's here…It' a Super Target though so they carry a full line of that helps :-)Meredith ~ Hi!!! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog 🙂 You're right, the changes will effect even non couponers…it stinks that the actions of a few can effect so many 😦

  11. I too was greeted by the “coupon Nazi’s” on my last visit (9/20). I was also told they now have to read every single coupon to make sure it doesn’t say “one per transaction.” I actually caught myself explaining to the cashier the difference between ‘one/transaction’ and ‘one/purchase’. I WAS ONLY TRYING TO BUY 4 OF THE SAME ITEM! (aka two BOGO offers). I honestly think she wasn’t going to let me have it. Keep in mind, I am a thoughtful shopper…I NEVER buy more than six, I NEVER print out more than two q, and I NEVER use more than one competitor q per shopping trip…yet I felt like a criminal! It was awful! I may reconsider my 35min drive from Lewisburg!

  12. Wow! That's horrible that people do that & hurts things for the rest of us. Thanks for the info. And everyone at SH Publix are such nice people….

  13. Thanks for the information! What a shame that a few people have to ruin it for so many shoppers. 90 bags? Honestly, what happened to the embarrassment gene?

  14. Ok…I know this is a late comment to an old post, but your prayer for the "trail mix hussies" made me want to REALLY LOL. I think I might even have to show that to my non-couponing husband…

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