Publix ~ 9/15/09 ~ Spent $0.72 SAVED 95%

I stopped by Publix tonight on my way to teach a class…boy, were there slim pickings! The shelves were wiped clean of alot of the things I went for…so I went ahead and grabbed a few things and got my rainchecks for the rest πŸ™‚ I originally had 4 bags of Trail Mix…I was really disappointed to learn that I could only use one of my Food Lion coupons. The cashier said that they (corporate) had decided to only allow 1 coupon per person due to the fact that a lady had come in and tried to buy 90 (yes I said NINETY) bags of trail mix!!! So bottom line, that spoiled it for the rest of us 😦 All I can say is…REALLY…90 bags, that’s a little excessive don’t you think? geesh
Anyway, below is a pic of what I was able to pick up…

Spent $0.72 ~ SAVED $12.44 (includes $0.45 tax)

4 bags Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta ~ $1.79 BOGO ~ used $1.00/2 MQ = $0.89 each
1 Planters Trail Mix ~ $1.99 BOGO ~ used $2.00/1 Food Lion = FREE +
1 Mott’s Natural Applesauce ~ $1.00 ~ used $1.00/1 MQ printable = FREE
1 Revlon emery boards ~ $1.69 ~ used $2.00/1 Publix Q = FREE +

Total $0.27
Tax $0.45
OOP $0.72



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5 responses to “Publix ~ 9/15/09 ~ Spent $0.72 SAVED 95%

  1. 90!!! I mean FOR REAL! I bought two on Monday night. So, does this mean wen can only use 1 competitor coupon now for everything from here on out?

  2. Kara…I am getting ready to post about this…but unfortunately, YES that is what that means. I went back today and was told that we can only use one Food Lion coupon per like item per day! So frustrating that a handful of people had to ruin it for the everyone else 😦

  3. awwww man! I knew it would come to that though. Pretty soon, they will have to do away with the competitor coupons I am sure…

  4. That is SO sad! I cannot believe what I just read. 90 bags? How selfish to attempt to wipe a store out like that! A week or two ago, cannot remember the exact week, but when they had the great cereal sale I did the BOGO and had a General Mills coupon and used two Target coupons, one for each box. So now that means we can no longer do this?

  5. Unfortunately Ladies…this is what it is looking like right now, at least until I talk with Mr. Jones. Only one target or food lion coupon per like item, per customer, per day .

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