Recipe ~ Hit OR Miss?

I have decided to start sharing recipes when I come up with something in a hurry using our coupon inspired deals. I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly…so here goes!

It all started with this bottled of Kraft “Teriyaki Sesame Ginger” BBQ sauce….it was a few days out from expiring and I knew I needed to get it used up quick…my hunny was on his way home from work and it had been a very long day for me so nothing was in the works for dinner yet…I knew I had exactly 1 hour to figure out dinner.
I rummaged through the fridge and freezer and came up with this Asian inspired meal on the fly…

I grabbed a package of cooked beef brisket that had been in the freezer (prepared during a freezer beef session) and put it in the microwave to defrost.

Then I added it to a pan with garlic, onion, celery, carrots and some asian spices…once heated through I added the whole bottle of sauce and let it cook until really thick.
This part was: YUMMO!
I had a head of cabbage in the fridge, so I chopped it up and added some spices and let it cook down.
This part was: YUMMO!

I grabbed a bag of Green Giant Steamers “Asian Style Medley” and inserted into the microwave…
When I pulled the veggies out of the microwave I smelled a strong orange scent…it was then that I noticed the note on the bag stating that the veggies were in an orange asian sauce…the plan was to mix these with the cabbage and make a stir fry type veggie…I tasted them and was not pleased, it was a horrible tasting sauce, completely ruined the veggies. I plated them anyway, thinking maybe it was just me. Seriously…I could not get anyone to eat these…good thing they were free after coups because they wound up in the trash 😦
This part was: YUCK, double YUCK!!!
Lastly, I grabbed a bag of Lipton Asian Sides ” teriyaki noodles” and served them along with the beef.
This part was: YUMMO!
I also knew that I had some vanilla pudding cups in the fridge that would be expiring the next day…so in an effort to use them quickly I made some pudding parfaits…this one is peanut butter/vanilla

and this one is cookies and cream…I took some of the Back to Nature cookies that we had gotten on a great deal a few weeks ago and crushed them…both peanut butter and chocolate creme…then layered them between the vanilla pudding…
This part was: YUMMO!!!

Total cost of this meal was just under $4.00 and fed six people.

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