Fresh Earth Farms ~ Organic Chicken available

Please see the email below from Fresh Earth Farms…

We will be processing our meat chickens (called broilers) on Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th. We plan on beginning the processing from 8:30am and completing around 4:30pm each day. Some families like to come see the process while others prefer to simply come pick up processed chickens after we are done processing for the day.
We will be selling whole processed chickens for approximately $3.00 per pound. They should be weighing 3-4 pounds. We accept cash or checks. Make sure to bring a cooler with ice in it to transport your chickens.
If you are one of our customers who has already given us a committed reservation order for chickens, we will need the beginning of each morning to process your chickens. If you have not made a reservation but would like to, reply to this email with the number of chickens you’d like.
Those who haven’t made reservations are welcome to come purchase chickens on a first-come first-served basis (except, of course, for our reservation folks).
Our chickens are all-natural, pasture raised organic chickens. We are not USDA certified; we disagree with the way USDA is skewing the meaning of the word organic, and we don’t want to deal with all the bureaucratic paperwork they require. But our chickens are raised outdoors in the fresh sunshine on new pasture everyday and supplemented with an all-natural feed. No chemicals, steroids, antibiotics, or other such additives are given to our chickens…only fresh grass, bugs, and an all-natural feed is their diet.
We look forward to seeing you Friday or Saturday and catching up with how things are going in your life.
Stephen and Danika Felts


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