Publix ~ 5/25/09

Okay…so you can still get these deals through today (Tuesday). Go check out one of my new favorite sites Publix 4 Pennies … I have to tell you that this blog does an amazing job of listing Publix only deals…it’s their only focus! Of course you can always check Southern Savers for match ups as well.

Thanks to Cissy for pointing out that since I was doing the charcoal deal, I could also get Pam cooking spray for FREE (buy charcoal, get spray FREE coup on product)!!! And for also giving me a heads up on the Dr. Pepper deal…On sale for $3.66 each, buy 3 get one FREE (rings automatically)…also use Publix coup (buy 2 get one FREE) and the Food Lion coups…makes them about $1 a 12 pack…HELLLLLLOOOO…that’s awesome!!!

I found a few items out of stock…but overall an AMAZING shop today!!!

**Due to a time constraint this morning I am not listing all of the coupons, etc…but check out the 2 sites above for the exact match ups. Below is what I bought and the total for both transactions…

1st ~ Spent $2.18 ~ SAVED $19.70

1 Kingsford charcoal

1 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce

1 Pam grill spray

1 Pork chops (2 pack)

1 Publix water (penny item)

2nd ~ Spent $13.03 ~ SAVED $148.11

4 Heluva Good dips

1 Pam grill spray

1 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce

1 Deli Creations Flatbread Melt

2 Sirloin filets (2 per pack)

1 Ground beef patties (2 pack)

1 Pork chops (2 pack)

2 Edy’s ice cream

2 OM beef hotdogs

4 Kraft dressings

7 Kraft BBQ sauce

4 A-1 sauce

1 Heinz apple cider vinegar

1 Heinz white vinegar

1 Knox gelatin

2 Pedigree dentastixs

2 Diet Dr Pepper 12 pack

2 Dr Pepper 12 pack

1 Ritz cracker

2 Wheat Thins

6 Ragu sauce

1 Kingsford charcoal

4 Glass Plus (raincheck item)

1 Publix water (penny item)


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