Check out these Businesses!!!

Hi Everyone…
I wanted to share with you 2 businesses that I have found this past week.
The first business is owned by friends of mine and they are offering a much needed service here in town. This is a super family owned and operated business, please spread the word and show your support. Be sure to check out Spring Hill Delivery…and tell them you saw them on the Faithful & Frugal blog!

We are pleased to announce the opening of Spring Hill Delivery! For those of you who don’t know about us, we offer home delivery of food from several of our local restaurants. You can go to our website at to see our participating restaurants and find answers to all of your questions. We begin service this Tuesday at 5pm. We will be open daily from 5:00pm to 9:00pm! You may order directly on our website or phone us at 615-261-3233 to place your order. We accept cash, Visa/MasterCard (credit or debit) and checks on approval.

We are having a “soft” opening for the first few weeks so that we can work out any kinks and decide what our staffing levels need to be. That means we are depending on “word of mouth” between our friends to advertise. Please forward this email to your email contact list. Your opinions are very welcome and will help us change procedures to better serve our customers.

Our normal delivery charge will be $5.95 plus 15% gratuity but for now we will only charge you $5.00 plus the tip. All of the prices on our menus are what the restaurants charge so for an additional $5.00, you will pay exactly the same as if you went out to eat but without the 1 hour wait at Olive Garden or packing everyone up in the car.
Thank you for your help in spreading our message and we look forward to serving you!

~The second is a business that I checked out this past week and really liked.
It’s called Super Buys and is located in the Wall Street Shopping Center next to Asuka.
This store is great…they offer open box items at big discounts…Most items are $20-$50 less than a regular store…AND they offer a return policy on all items, the owners are super nice and never want you to not be happy with their products.
What can you find at Super Buys:
Wii, Playstation and Xbox consoles & games & controllers
Plasma & LCD TVs
Computers, Cameras, MP3 and MP4 players
Kid’s toys and games…and much, much more!!!!
Go check them out and tell them you heard about them on the Faithful & Frugal blog 😉


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