80% OFF at Restaurant.com


Here is the info from www.southernsavers.com that I mentioned last night…this is a great way to save on eating out …

Just a reminder that you have through this Saturday, 2/28, to get 80% off your entire purchase on Restaurant.com. Use the code DINE. After Saturday they will go back to regular price or at most 50% off for a few weeks, and 80% off is not something they go to every month.
**If you there is a Restaurant that you will use on there the certificates are good for 1 year, so you can always plan ahead and save them.**
80% off gets you:
$25 dining or gift certificates for $2
$10 dining or gift certificates for .60 cents
For us this makes for cheap lunches out with the Husband, or inexpensive dinner dates. Think of them as a $10 off or $25 off coupon.
**Some restaurants have limits on how many certificates they sell each month so you may not see some normal eateries listed if they have already sold out for the month**


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