Betty Crocker Responds

I emailed Betty Crocker regarding not being able to print my coupons. A lot of us have been receiving error messages that tell us to come back and try again later, only when you do you receive a message that states print limit reached even though you have not printed any coupons. This is really frustrating since I missed out on some great Publix deals because I could not print the coupons this week. Here is the response I received…

Dear Mrs. Kennedy:

We apologize for the difficulties you had while attempting to print our coupons. This is a known issue and our technicians are currently working on it. We thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the site. Please check back in a few days and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Another thing that can answer your questions about printing is a red help button that is located at the top of the coupons that will help to answer any questions about printing and the necessary equipment settings. Please visit this section as it may answer some of your questions.


Brent Taylor
Consumer Services

Looks like they are aware of the problem but they did not offer any other way to get the coupons…I guess we just wait and hope that they get it fixed.


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