Kroger WILL NOT be accepting Commpetitor’s Coups

Hi Ladies…
I have some bad news…I went to Kroger yesterday to my weekly shop and when the manager came to override my competitor’s coupons…he said “have you been told already that when we move into our new store (meaning by TSC and Heritage) that we will no longer be accepting these?” I was shocked…he said that they were the only Kroger in middle Tn that accepted comp. coups and they have decided not to any longer. He was unaware if the one on Port Royal would take them. SO as of Jan 11th when they move, they will take them…but after that they will not. We will have to see if the other store decides to continue…I would suggest, since we have close to 100 women who have taken the class, that we all email Kroger or better yet when in the store personally ask to speak with the manager and let him know how disappointed we are that they have decided to stop taking the comp. coups. Maybe if enough of us express concern they will reconsider. Please keep in mind that Publix will still honor comp. coups, however only for Kroger, Food Lion and Target…NOT GFS, CVS, WAGS, or Family Dollar. Which is why it is vital that Kroger continue accepting them 🙂
I will be posting this on the blog and sending this out via email also to all of the ladies, so if you get this more than once I do apologize…but I want everyone to be in the loop.

Much Love…Happy couponing!
Faithful & Frugal Ministry


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