Hey Ya’ll ~ Help me out!!!

So I know this is off topic, but I need your help!

My cousin, JoAnna Garcia has a new tv show on the CW network. It’s called “Privileged”…well, the show is up for a People’s Choice Award.
Please take a moment and click the link above or go to www.PCAvote.com and cast you vote in the favorite new tv drama category. You will need to register and then you can cast your vote.

VOTE for Privileged…please!!!


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One response to “Hey Ya’ll ~ Help me out!!!

  1. Found you through one of my friend’s blogs, and just had to tell you that my family loves Joanna! I have 2 teenagers and we have watched all of the “Reba”s over and over and over and over! Here in OK, we get the chance to see it 4 times a day if we so desire (on Friday it is actually 6!). It is funny… even if we aren’t exactly watching, just to have it on makes us happy. Yes, that is sad, I know. I just wanted you to know how much we enjoy Joanna on “Reba”. I have only seen Privileged a couple of times because we don’t TiVo but I will try to catch it more often.

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